Poems by Sandy DuMond

Birds in my Flowerbeds

Gazing out my kitchen window,
little brown birds flitting in my flowerbeds
and on my dew-sodden, unmown lawn.
Swallowing bugs, not slurping worms.
Goldfinches pecking petal-less Sunflower centers,
swaying on lavender and magenta Cosmos.
While bobbing heads feast,
a centurion watching for predators.
God's simple but intricate wonders.

Sopping Wet

Sopping wet, then light rain,
afternoon into early evening,
only misting at times.
hitting the tree leaves,
a slight rustling.
Drizzle, then a steady, thumping beat
from metal carport corners,
splashing onto the concrete pad.
Rivulets spilling over a tiny channel
along roofline of my old mobile home.
Rain backs up a bit in suspended porch eaves,
pours down onto screened rainbarrel cover.
Ceases for a few minutes, then cadence picks up,
punctuates, slowing into a rhythmic beat.