Ruling Elders - Committees

  Pastor Patty Wolff, Teaching Elder
  Treasurer: April Ray
  Assistant Treasurers Class of 2020:Marie Spreutels and Elma Taylor

  Dave Williams, Ruling Elder; Class of 2020
  Sharon Havens, Ruling Elder; Class of 2020
  Becky Holley, Class of 2021
  Judy Ives; Class of 2022
  Sandy Egli; Class of 2022
  Kathy Schmidt, Clerk of Session; Class of 2020

  2019 Nominating Committee
  Becky Holley, chair
  Judy Ives
  Kathy Williams
  Jancy Cole

  Personnel Committee (class of 2020)
  Becky Holley
  Sandy Egli
  Kathy Williams

  Financial Review Committee
  Roy Straka
  Mark Baldwin



  Members on monthly basis
  Choir director and Organist
  Judy Ives

  Sexual Misconduct Contact Persons
  Jeanne Harris
  Roy Straka