The East Guilford Prayer List

The Power of Prayer
Pray for one another,
so that you may be healed
( James 5:16a )

Add people to the Prayer List
Elma Taylor (EG) 607-563-2083
or Sharon Havens (U) 607-610-4033
Personal Concerns
  • 9/10/2017: Prayers for students and teachers returning to school, for the people in Texas and Florida, continued prayers for Dusty, grateful that Jenny woke up. Thanksgiving for the flowers both inside and out.

  • 9/03/2017: Jenny
Members in Extended Care
  • Doris Ferrara (Good Shephard)
  • Irene Johnson (Norwich)
  • Vera Sergio (Fox Care Nursing Home)
  • Mary Williams (Preston Manor - Oxford)
  • Esther Schwarz
  • Lois Umbra
Our College Students
  • Emma Egli
  • Christopher Geiger
  • Makalia Bean
In the Military
  • Thomas MacKenzie Allen
  • James Hawver
  • James Downs
  • Alex Hendrickson
  • Andrew Plummer