East Guilford / Bainbridge Prayer List

  • Prayers for:
  • Dave Stern, recuperating, Stephen Weissflog (son of Ann Baier), cancer; Scott; Jack Doyle, cancer; Brenda (daughter of Sandy DuMond), health concerns; Jeffery DuMond (nephew of Sandy DuMond), military deployment; Rowan DeCocker, cancer and family concerns; Mike Womabacker, chemo for leukemia; Finn, leukemia.

Members in Extended Care
  • Doris Ferrara (Good Shepherd)
  • Mary Williams (Chase Memorial - New Berlin)
  • Janet Clink (Memory Care Facility)
  • Joyce Warren (at home)
  • Marjorie Lewis (Chase Nursing Home)
  • Betty Nages (Cortland Park)
  • Carrie Higley (Waterview Hills)
  • Rog Rogers (Orchard Manor)
  Our College Students
  • Emma Egli (Masters Work)
  • Anna Egli (Medical School)
  • Maya Cliffe
  • Tannar Cliffe
  • Katherine Plummer
  • Drew DuMond
        In the Military
  • Thomas MacKenzie Allen

    Teaching Overseas
  • Makalia Bean
    (Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea)