East Guilford Prayer List
  • Prayers For: Don Phelps - 17 Bixby Street, Bainbridge, 13733 The Family & Friends of Taia Gonzales Heather Bucalos - Radiation School/Higher Ed. administrators, school/higher-ed. boards, school/higher-ed. decision makers as they try to make a plan for children & youth to be educated safely.
  • Thanksgiving for: The Birthday and Retirement of Sue Fletcher Sandy & Deni Egli's safe trip to FL with successful purchase of a home Folks at risk who are safely at home: Evelyn & Marty Baker, Bert Banks, Marge Lewis, Karen Roszkowski, Marion Wade, Sheri Welsh, and Dan & Jean Schlafer
  • Traveling Mercies for: Sharon Havens and Family traveling to New Hampshire Sandy & Deni Egli returning from Florida>

Members in Extended Care
  • Doris Ferrara (Good Shephard)
  • Mary Williams (Preston Manor - Oxford)
  • Esther Schwarz
Our College Students
  • Emma Egli
  • Anna Egli
  • Makalia Bean
  • James Hawver
  • James Downs
  • Alex Hendrickson
  • Jacob Plummer
  • Thomas Plummer
  • Michael DiDonato
  • Drew DuMond.
In the Military
  • Thomas MacKenzie Allen